Andrew O'Hara

Chief Videographer

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Andrew O'Hara has spent his years post-graduation from The Ohio State University embedded in all aspects of the digital space from leading digital marketing teams to front-end web development and design. He started producing videos online while in high school, pivoting quickly from cooking videos to tech videos, spurred by his adoration of Apple products.

When he isn't writing or producing video content for AppleInsider, he is creating content for his own YouTube channel. He spends his spare time with his amazing wife Faith exploring and going on adventures visiting parks as well as checking out local distilleries and breweries. He also enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with his familie's bevy of pets including two dogs, a cat, two bunnies, and en epic saltwater fish tank.

While Andrew loves all aspects of technology, he is most passionate about smart homes (i.e. HomeKit), iPad, iOS/iPadOS, fitness technology, Apple Watch, and fintech.

Andrew has also written freelance for multiple publications, touching on technology, digital marketing, and smart homes as well as been a speaker at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.