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iPhone 15 Pro Max delivery estimates hit October minutes into preorders

Within minutes of Apple taking preorders for the iPhone 15 range, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was selling out and delivery dates are being pushed back into November.

Apple's preorders started late — two minutes late or so in the US and up to around six minutes internationally — but for a very brief time all iPhones were listed as delivering on September 22. That's the date Apple announced they would, but it's not the date that stayed true for very long.

After moments, the iPhone 15 Pro Max delivery date slipped to saying "7-10 days," which could still mean September 22 but almost certainly doesn't.

Then just before preorders had been open for half an hour, the iPhone 15 Pro Max jumped to being available in "2-3 weeks." At 3:30 PM, the same models had delivery estimates into early November.

At time of original publication, both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus continue to be available for delivery next Friday. The iPhone 15 Pro briefly and oddly changed to saying "5-7 days," but is now showing "7-10 days."

These are the dates for the base configuration of each iPhone 15 model, and the first color option listed by Apple. However, all colors and all configurations of the iPhone 15 Pro Max — including the 1TB version — are now backordered.

Apple never releases sales figures, nor production ones, so it's not possible to truly know whether the iPhone 15 Pro Max is selling out faster than expected.

However, it is possible to know that if users still want to get one before October, they need to try going to an Apple retail store on Friday, September 22, 2023.